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Saturday, July 17, 2004

No, I Won't Supply a Link 

The image above is an ad I found on a right-wing blog. It takes you to a site where you could find the following description:
If you listen to the nutty-left: People like Al Gore, Michael Moore, John Kerry, Howard Dean, Mad Donna, Jorge Soros and others, they expect Americans to roll over and cave in to terrorism. Fortunately, none of these screwballs run the country. The only way to stop terror is to fight terror. Terorrists must be hunted down and killed. - It's a dirty job. Thank God we have a President willing to do what has to be done.
Yes! You heard me right. The only way to stop terror is to fight terror. Yes, that means killing terrorists...and another thing, Jason Soros, what happened at Abu Ghraib, the panty on the head thing, is called hazing. And at least that scum bag still has a head. Peace-out Hippie!
This is why some people still support the miserable failure, George W. Bush, and it is why Kerry must win in November. Remember that Naderites.


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