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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Shove It, Tribune-Review 

ThePittsburghChannel.com - News - Kerry Defends Wife's 'Shove It' Comment
"We need to turn back some of the creeping, un-Pennsylvanian and sometimes un-American traits that are coming into some of our politics," Heinz Kerry said during a reception at the Massachusetts Statehouse.

Minutes later, in an exchange that was captured on camera by Channel 4 Action News anchor Scott Baker and his photographer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Colin McNickle asked Heinz Kerry what she meant by the term "un-American activity."

Heinz Kerry told McNickle, "I didn't say that," and asked him why he was putting words in her mouth. When he again asked the question, she responded, "I didn't say 'activity' or 'un-American,'" and turned away to speak with Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell.

Shortly after their first exchange, Heinz Kerry went up to McNickle and asked if he worked for the Trib. He said he did, and she replied, "Of course." When he tried to question her again, she said, "You said something I didn't say. Now shove it."
Now, while it is true that she did use the word "Un-American," the way that the reporter characterized her use of the word was to couple it with the word "activities." "Un-American Activities" has a very specific conotation and history very different from Heinz-Kerry's use of the term "Un-American Traits." She was right to deny it.

And I think she was kind in telling the SOB to shove it. She should have told him to go fuck himself.


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