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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace 

Yahoo! News - Kerry Announces Edwards As Running Mate

I'm happy with this choice. While I would have preferred Max Cleland, Edwards has a lot to be said for him as well. He certainly has the benefit of being both recognizable and enigmatic. Few people really know very much about Edwards except that he is young, personable and charming. Another great thing about the ticket is that during the primaries, both candidates were regularly compared favorably to John Kennedy. That's gotta help.

I think Kerry was especially wise in choosing this day to make the announcement. We are just coming out of a long and patriotic holiday weekend. People will be watching and paying attention to the news today for the first time in four days. And the Bushies had no chance to stage a headline grab.

Of course, the announcement does force me to reevaluate my cabinet picks, so here is the updated list:
President John Kerry
VP John Edwards
National Security Advisor Wes Clarke
Deputy to the National Security Advisor Rand Beers
Sec. of State Lt. General Claudia Kennedy
Chief of Staff Gary Hart
Sec. of Homeland Security Al Gore
Sec. of Defense Max Cleland
Deputy Secretary of Defense Joe Wilson
Co-Deputy Secretary of Defense Karen Kwiatkowski
Attorney General Leon Fuerth
Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin
Surgeon General Howard Dean
EPA Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Fed Chair Paul Krugman
I moved Max Cleland from veep to Secretary of Defense, which forced me to move Leon Fuerth. I considered making him my pick for Homelnd Security, but that would force me to move Gore from that position, so I just plugged Fuerth into Attorney General for now. He's sort of a place holder though, because I don't really like that pick. Not that he's not as qualified for the job as - say - John Ashcroft, but I think the job should go to someone with a strong background in both criminal law and the bill of rights. I'll keep looking.


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