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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Why Tora Bora Was No Tora Tora Tora. 

Asia Times Online - The best news coverage from South Asia:
A recent report by US think-tank Strategic Forecasting suggested that since "sovereignty" had now been transferred to Iraq, the United States would give its full attention to the problem of al-Qaeda fugitives in Pakistan's rugged tribal areas. Already this year, at the instigation of Washington, the Pakistani army has launched two military offensives into South Waziristan to track down foreign elements, with marginal success.

All signs now point to another offensive, but this time Islamabad and Washington have agreed that US troops stationed across the border in Afghanistan will take an active part in the action on Pakistani soil, rather than wait for suspects to be flushed out into their waiting arms. Similarly, Pakistani troops will be able to engage in hot-pursuit operations into Afghan territory.


Given these developments, it is only a matter of time before Pakistani and US forces swing into action
I'm guessing that swing will be sometime around July 26 - 29.

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