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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Another Reason to Vote Kerry: Challenging His Promises 

Mr. Kerry's 'plan' - PittsburghLIVE.com
Democrat presidential nominee John Kerry says he has "a plan" to drastically reduce U.S. troop exposure in Iraq in his first term. And, by golly, Mr. Kerry has the assurances of foreign leaders that if he's elected, he can "put a deal together" to accomplish just that.
"I understand how to get us out of Iraq," he told Fox News.

OK, so what's the plan?

Shhhh! Secret!!! Kerry and his acolytes say. " ... I'm not going to negotiate in public today without the presidency," Kerry told ABC News. Added Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, "You don't negotiate a deal until you have a leader who is there to negotiate a deal."

So, who are the foreign leaders? "I'm not going to tell you ... because I'd be breaking (their) confidence ...," Mr. Levin told The Associated Press.
Well then, let's trap him in his lie. Ooo, I know. We can give him the presidency, and then when he fails to accomplish this goal, we can say AHA!

Look, we know Nixon was lying when he claimed to have had a secret plan to end the Viet Nam war. We also know that people will be scrutinizing every move President Kerry makes toward ending the "situation" in Iraq. If Kerry is lying - as the article here suggests - then we'll know it pretty soon after he takes office. And even democrats would call him on the carpet for that. Does anybody really think Kerry is that desperate to win the office, just to squander the legacy in the first quarter?



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