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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Blogs for Bush: Web of Connections

Some right-winger has created this flow chart supposedly demonstrating the links and connection between the Kerry campaign and the anti-Bush 527s.

It's their answer to this graph which appeared in the NYT. I expect it will be making it's way around soon.

I'm sorry, but this is unbelievably lame. Jim Jordan used to work for Kerry. Now he works somewhere else. Whooptidoo. Same with Zack Exley. As for Fred Baron, all they have shown is that he worked on Edwards campaign and now works for the DNC. The Donnie Shacks link just kind of hangs out there on it's own and has no significance whatsoever.

And this Soros connection is a non-connection. Rev. Moon is much more closely allied to the RNC than Soros is to the DNC. And what is the gray line for Bing to Kerry? Does that mean they are supposing a connection where they have established none?

Finally, about the Hitler ad: nobody at MoveOn had anything to do with its creation. It was a submission in a contestwhere it got very very poor ratings from the voters. Until the RNC put it on their web page, it was on its way to oblivion.

The closest thing to a connection they have is the point about Ickes sitting on the DNC executive board. But then only if it's true. He's not listed here, and I can't find anything about it anywhere else.


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