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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Homefield Advantage 

As a sitting president, Bush has certain built in advantages in this campaign. The Florida situation has provided him with yet another.
Bush to Visit Hurricane-Damaged Florida

President Bush wrapped up a five-day campaign swing with a rally in the battleground state of Iowa on Saturday and scheduled a quick trip to Florida to survey hurricane damage in a state he needs to win in the November election.
Noone can really begrudge him the right to tour Florida and offer government assistance. That's what presidents always do after hurricanes hit. The question is, would it be grandstanding for Kerry to also visit, and would any gesture he makes be seen politically motivated.
Kerry Campaign Helping With Fla. Recovery

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) does not plan to visit Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley because he's concerned his campaign entourage could distract from recovery efforts, he said Saturday.


Kerry said he has instructed his Florida campaign staff to provide food, clothing, shelter or other assistance to people whose lives have been disrupted by the hurricane.
I can see the Republican smear machine's response already.
Kerry Offer's Floridians Canned Pickles While President Supplies Army Corps of Engineers and Disaster Funding.

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