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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I'm Not On the List? What Do You Mean I'm Not On the List? 

Blogs for Bush: Updated RNC Convention Blogger List

I saw Janeane Garofalo on McEnroe's show the other day, and she was mentioning how difficult it was for liberal radio personalities to get credentials for the RNC Convention. Then I saw the thread above telling who all was going to be blogging the convention. It's a pretty pathetically short list and is devoid of any liberal voices. But then I thought, well, how many conservatives blogged the democratic convention? Turns out none, but there were a whole lot more bloggers there than will be at the RNCC.

So from this I can only gather that neither side really considers bloggers anything more than a propoganda tool. And, in my humble opinion, that's probably a pretty dead on analysis. Also from this I gather that either:
• There are not as many conservatives interrested in the whole new fangled Internet thingy as liberals.


• The RNC is a whole lot more concerned about the willingness of their base to be used to parrot their talking points than liberals are.

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