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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nixing Nader 

Ohio Democrats challenge Nader’s place on the ballot
Ohio Democrats filed an official challenge to Ralph Nader’s independent presidential candidacy yesterday, alleging irregularities and possible fraud.

To get Nader’s name on Ohio’s Nov. 2 ballot, supporters filed 14,473 names on a petition with Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell; 5,000 valid signatures are needed.

Democratic spokesman Dan Trevas said the challenge involves many of Ohio’s 88 counties.

In Butler County, the board of elections threw out 96 percent of the 633 Nader signatures, mainly because circulators were not registered to vote or were not registered at addresses they listed.

Nader supporters accuse Democrats of mounting the challenge solely to boost John Kerry’s presidential bid.
Gee, ya think?

Look, clearly we democrats don't want Nader to be given the chance to play spoiler again, but the rules is the rules. In fact, there is a name for violating the rules. It's called voter fraud.



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