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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Now Here's An Interesting Factoid 

Political Wire%3A Political Trivia of the Day
Since Electoral Votes are allocated to each state based on its number of Senators plus the number of Representatives, Wyoming, with the lowest population of all the states, has the greatest number of Electoral Votes relative to its population. Conversely, California with 55 Electoral Votes, is the most under-represented state.

As an example of the disparity, Brendan Loy observes that 11 "red states" make up "the heart of the solid Republican Mountain West and Great Plains" and have a population of 18.6 million. The state of New York, in contrast, has a population of 18.9 million. Nonetheless, New York has 33 electoral votes while the other 11 states have a combined total of 52.
There is absolutely no need for the electoral college any longer. This is why I want Kerry to win by only one closely contested state. If the GOP suffers the same kick in the gut that we did four years ago, maybe they'll get it.


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