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Monday, August 30, 2004

Protesting the GOP 

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to Wheeling to see the movie Farhenheit 9/11 at the Towngate Theatre. We arrived just before 4:00 just as the Bush rally at the Wesbanco Arena was letting out. We were completely surrounded by Bush supporters on the streets in cars and on foot. They were carrying their giant Ms (or were they Ws?) and glumly holding their Bush/Cheney '04 posters as we wormed our way through the traffic jam they had caused. I swear, they all looked like Republicans. They were mostly fat and had no joy on their faces. The older ones had over-hairsprayed hair, and the younger ones had their lips pulled smugly into their faces.

Then we arrived at the theater and a different world. People were smiling and friendly. I saw pony tails on men and tee-shirts on women. And eeryone seemed to be there to have fun.

Anyway, it all reminded me of the last time I had had a run in with Bush. It was in Pittsburgh. Both this time and last, I just happened to be there on the same day as him. I didn't plan it that way either time. The last time, I also ran into some anti-Bush people engaged in protest. One of those people was Nina Trimbath, who saw my post and we began an exchange.

On May 11, I received a reply from Ms trimbath to my last note to her. I held off on replying to her until it was relevent again. Well, thanks to the GOP convention, it is finally a relevent topic once more. Following is her reply and my response:

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