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Monday, August 02, 2004

Zell Is A Liar 

See Y'All in New York:
Why I skipped the Boston Convention.
Today, it's the Democratic Party that has mastered the art of division and diversion. To run for president as a Democrat these days you have to go from interest group to interest group, cap in hand, asking for the support of liberal kingmakers. Mr. Kerry is no different. After Hollywood elites profaned the president, he didn't have the courage to put them in their place. Instead, he validated their remarks, claiming that they represent "the heart and soul of America."
First, about the subtitle of this article, "Why I skipped the Boston Convention." Zell is a liar.
U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga., added to his party’s troubles in Georgia when he endorsed Mr. Bush and agreed to speak at the Republican National Convention in late August. Because of those actions, Sen. Miller was not invited to the Democratic convention as one of Georgia’s 105 delegates.
You can't skip a party you were not invited to, so the whole article could be passed off as sour grapes. But then he writes paragraphs like the one I chose to quote, and it's clear that it's more than sour grapes. This guy is actually trying to convince people that dissent against Bush is Un-American. That's NOT something democrats do. Not now, not when Clinton was president, not ever. And moreover ,Republicans don't do it either. Not real Republicans. Not America-loving, freedom-fighting, defenders of the Constitution in the GOP. Only the worstkind of jingoists and hate-mongers can bring themselves to doing that.

Zell Miller is not a democrat, and he's not a good Rerpublican either. He is a neo-fascist. If he had come to the convention, the Secret Service should have ushered him into the free-speech-zone with the rest of "the nuts at the Democratic National Convention," as Ann Coulter calls them. And the GOP is going to prop this fraud up as a democrat!

He's not a democrat! I don't care what he calls himself.


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