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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Die Nasty Dynasty 

Daily Kos :: Closing Time
"There's been a George Bush on every Republican ticket since 1980. That's six of the last seven elections!. The president's dad was on the ticket in 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992. After taking a brief family hiatus, George W. Bush was on the ticket in 2000 and again this year. And if you think the reason Jeb Bush was quiet at this year's convention means the mantle is going to be passed next to Rudy Giuliani or John McCain, folks, you're not paying attention to how the Bushes run the family monarchy. Maybe George Bush slept through his American history classes at Yale, but I seem to recall that we fought a war 200 years ago to free ourselves from a monarchy led by a guy named George."
You know, I knew this, but until I saw it worded in exactly this way it had never really sunk in.

Here's something else for you to chew on. Beginning with Charlemagne and moving forward exactly forty generations, we get the following bloodline:
Louis I, king of France, Germany and Italy
Princess Gisele
Princess Hatwige
Otto the Illustrious
Henry I (the Fowler) Emperor of Germany
Gerberga of Saxony
Gerberga of Lorraine
Herbert III (count of Vermandois)
Otto ,Count of Vermandois
Adelaide de Vermandois
Isabel de Vermandois
Adelaide de Warren
William I, "the Lion" king of Scotland
Princess Isabella
William de Roos
William de Roos II
Lucy Roos
Sir Willaim de Plumpton
Alice Plumpton
Alice Botelar
Constance Gerard
Oliver Standish
Grace Standish-Faircloth
Lawrence Faircloth
Thomas Faircloth
Mary Faircloth-Allen
Jane Allen-Bulkely
Peter Bulkely
Rebecca Bulkely-Prescott
Abel Prescott
Lucy Prescott-Fay
Samuel Fay
Samuel Howard Fay
Harriet Fay-Bush
Samuel Prescott Bush
Prescott Sheldon Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush
George W. Bush
Moreover, Charlemagne was the son of Pepin the Short who had usurped his Frankish throne from Childeric of the Merovingian Dynasty, and Charlemagne was rumored to have both been an illigitimate member of the family, and he also married a Merovingian princess. Thus Bush may believe he has a bloodline which follows back to a truly whacked out royal family that claimed to have been directly descended from Jesus Christ through his marriage to Mary Magdeline and their daughter Sarah.

Frankly, this would explain a lot.


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