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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Iraq By The Numbers 

Iraq Coalition Casualties

Remember when the number of US casualties reached 1000? It wasn't that long ago. Actually, it was just about a week ago. Now the number is at 1022.

That is an additional 2.2% in one week. At that rate, it would take just 45.5 weeks to double the number. It took over 75 weeks to reach the first 1000 mark.

Twenty-two in one week is an average of just over three per day. At that rate, it would take just sixteen days for each state in the Union to lose one son or daughter. In one years time, that comes to roughly twenty-two lost per state. Ohio has 88 counties. In four years, that's one lost per county.

Statistically speaking, during the next presidential term, I am almost guaranteed to read at least once of a soldier from my county dying in Iraq. But since the numbers are actually excellorating, I should probably expect more.


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