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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nader Nixed 

ONN. Ohio News Now: Blackwell Rules Nader Will Not Appear On Ohio Ballot
Independent candidate Ralph Nader will not appear on Ohio's presidential ballot because forged signatures on petition forms and on petitions circulated by non-Ohioans left him short of the 5,000 required to qualify, Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell ruled Tuesday.
Blackwell, a Republican, said Nader's backers wound up with 3,708 valid signatures.
So Nader and the repugs submitted over 14000 signatures and when the dust finally settled - all but 3,708 of them were fraudulent!

From this point on, we can ignore all of the three way polls. It is a two-way race in Ohio.

Heads up courtesy of Ezra at Pandagon.


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