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Monday, September 20, 2004

Scientific Evidence - Part 2 

Atrios leads us to this story in the Daily Pennsylvanian, the student paper of the University of PA.
A New York ABC television affiliate captured footage of a Republican Youth Convention attendee dragging to the ground and kicking an AIDS activist who had entered the event undercover as part of a larger protest against the George W. Bush administration.
The student in the video, whose name was unknown at the time the footage was taken, has been identified by several Penn students as Wharton junior Scott Robinson, a member of the Penn College Republicans.
Of course, he denies it, and the attached comments show that his friends are defending him. So I decided to repeat my face mapping experiment from a few days prior.

Here is a picture of Scott Robinson:

Here is a screen-cap of the kicker:

Now, here are the faces aligned in a side-by-side comparison:

Just like last time, all of the features line up perfectly. The kicker's head is tilted slightly down, which distorts the perspective slightly, and his mouth is open slightly elongating the chin, but the eye, nose, hair line and shoulder are an exact match.

Here is a transparency of the two pictures in overlay:

I must say, it was very kind of Scott to provide us with the same 3/4 view of his face in both instances. It makes the fact that the ear is identicle in both images indisputable.


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