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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Scientific Evidence 

There has been quite a hubub from the right over this stupid picture:

Here is a left-wing blog that describes the story and sets up the premise for the rest of my post. If you are not already aware of the premise, I suggest you read it before continuing:

Rising Hegemon: The Bogus Assault -- Father Freeper of the Year (should buckhead not be able to serve)

Parlock denies that the union guy in the photo was really his son in disguise shilling for a staged photo. Here is a photo of one of Parlock's sons cropped from a family portrait:

Here is a picture of the union guy:

Need more? Okay. There is a scientific identification technique known as face mapping. Here is my amateur attempt at it.

I overlayed the son on the union guy so that the eyes lined up and the chin lined up. Then I did some erasing to show the outline of the union guy's face on the right, and the edge of the son's shoulder and face on the left:

Note that the shoulders line up perfectly. So does the sideburn. Also the cheekbone, mouthline and nose position are a perfect match. Here is an overlay with the kid at 50% opacity:

The eyes and eyebrow are a perfect match. Look at the kid's right ear and the union guy's left ear. Same general shape.

I also tried this experiment with the kid in the grey from the Parlock family portrait. Close but no cigar. The forehead is too big and the mouth is too low.

I think we have our culprit.

So does this mean that such an occurance could never occur at a democratic gathering? Heck no. It absolutely could. But in this case it probably didn't.


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