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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Stay Away From the Ballot Box! 

So the other day, I'm on the Internet and my Callwave rings and I get this telephone message from George W. Bush:
Hello, this is President George W. Bush. I'm calling to ask you to fill out your absentee ballot request form.
Here's what I think happened here. Four years ago, I registered as a republican. Now, hold on, before you demand my head on a platter. Let me explain.

Here in Ohio, when you vote in a primary, you can change your party affiliation just by asking for a particular party's ballot. In that primary, I preferred everybody to George W. Bush. Certainly I preferred every democrat, but I even preferred John McCain. So I took the GOP ballot so that I could do my part to undermine the candidacy of George W. Bush.

As a result, I have been getting Republican mailers ever since. Even though at the very next avaiable opportunity, I again switched my registration info back to the D column.

But the big question is - why the hell are they trying to get their base to vote absentee? Gosh, I wonder...


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