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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

When Science Fails 

I've now done two posts demonstrating that two Republicans who claimed to not have been in a photo actually probably were. To prove this point, I overlaid their faces on the person they were accused of being, and demonstrated how the features aligned. But it has occurred to me that I should perhaps demonstrate what happens when the persons involved are in fact not the same individual.

Here are Scott Robinson and Phil Parlock Jr.:

Young Parlock and Robinson obviously look nothing alike, but this is a scientific experiment, not an aesthetic comparison. Both pictures are just-off from full-face, but they are at opposite angles. To compensate, I have flipped the Parlock kid's picture so the angles more closely match and overlaid his face on Robinson's picture here for a side-by-side comparison:

I placed the eyes at the same place and sized Parlock so that his chin aligned with Robinson's. These were the same markers I used for the previous experiments. Note that the nose and mouth are slightly out of alignment. But most significantly, note that the shoulders are not even close.

Here we see a transparency of Parlock on Robinson:

The ears are over an inch off. Also, while the left eyes align because I forced them to, the right eye's do not. Parlock's eyes are closer set.

So what does this prove? It proves that two randomly selected people will not match as well as Robinson matches the kicker and as well as Parlock matches the sign ripper.

Next experiment, is Ann Coulter really Andy Kaufman?


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