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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Draft Notice 

Operation Truth
Since 1973, America has relied on an all-volunteer military. But current retention issues, recruiting problems, and over-extension have pushed our armed forces to the limit. General Richard A. Cody recently told members of the House Armed Services Committee that our military has reached a breaking point. He stated, “Are we stretched thin with our active and reserve component forces right now? Absolutely.”

The next logical contingency for military planners is the draft. A recent poll called “The State of Our Nation’s Youth” by the Horatio Alger Association indicates that most high-school students believe that the government will restart the military draft during their lifetimes. Among teenagers, 55% say young Americans will be required to serve in the military, up from 45% last year.
The military (not the Pentagon but the actual military) believes that a draft is inevitable under Bush's current foreign policy. And they are not happy about it.
The effect of the draft could be even more marked than during Vietnam: recent polls hint to the possibility that if a draft were to occur today, draft avoidance rates would be much higher than in Vietnam. This means that a current draft would be more politically divisive and harmful to the military than ever before. "In a sharp reversal from historical support for military service, the first comprehensive national survey on the draft reveals that our country could face a crisis in military capacity with an unprecedented number of draft eligible adults stating they will actively seek deferment or refuse to serve if a draft is reinstated."
This is THE issue that could win this election for Kerry.


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