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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I Would Like to Thank God Nothing For This Honor 

I received an interesting email today. Apparently, my site has been chosen by United Universalists as a recipient of their Faithless Site award. The letter reads:
Congratulations Mister! Members of United Universists, the global freethought movement, have selected your site as an excellent Faithless Site! The Faithless Site Awards are presented to carefully
selected websites that proudly demonstrate secularism, pluralism, empiricism, and eschew religious faith as a valid worldview.

The forces of religion have successfully made "faithless" a dirty word in today's society. We are fighting back. We will wear the badge with pride. Please show your solidarity with the movement to promote faithlessness by placing one of the following buttons on your site:
I was then directed to a site where I got to choose from several buttons. I chose this one:

a Proud Faithless Site!

You can find the button on the right hand column just below the Smirking Chimp headlines.

I have no idea how I was chosen for this honor. For the record, I am not a member of United Universalists. I do not personally hold the opinion that there is any need for a church for atheists. To my way of thinking, atheism is not in any way compatible with the idea of church or religion. However, I am also not opposed to the idea of an atheist church for those who would like one.

The thing is, atheism is too broad a concept. Therefore, in my opinion, a church for atheists would be impossible to organize except as a broad concept such as Protestantism or something equally Catholic in its approach to definition.

The thing is, no two people view atheism the same way. Some come to atheism through science. Others take a more emotional road. Some incorporate their faithlessness with some other form of religiousness; such as Buddhism or Deism. I could describe my own road to non-belief, but I think I will save that for another post. Perhaps after the election.

Suffice to say, if I was going to join any church, it would most likely be the one that I made up.


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