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Monday, October 11, 2004

Post No Bills My Ass 

I have designed a flyer. (Click the link to see a legible version.) Feel free to use it. I quote Bush from the debate promising not to have a draft, and then follow up with several of his past promises, and how they turned out. I don't think we should let Bush kill a perfectly good meme.

I know that I had said earlier that I wasn't going to use the Two-face image, but it grew on me. So I flip-flopped.

I have been hanging a lot of flyers lately. I go out late at night/early in the morning. Five AM Sunday I was posting flyers on telephone polls outside the local churches. The next time I go out to hang this flyer, I have a new technique that I want to try. I'm going to take transparent packing tape and wrap the tape around the poll sealing the flyer in a see-through cocoon that's not easily removed. It's not hard either in case the need arises. Simply score the page and tape vertically with a key or blade and tear down the center, then peel the whole to-do off like a celophane jacket. This will discourage petty ripping-down of the message. I've found that happens a lot.


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