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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Proof That Conservatives Don't Understand Humor 

Blogs for Bush: Caption Contest Results

The right-wing blog "Blogs for Bush" recently had a caption writing contest for this picture:

The winning entry:
"John Kerry sees his own end on the campaign trail." -Faye

"It's not so much a flip-flop as it is a summersault..." -NoDonks
"I insist, I've only had one position. One position." -naveen
Wow! I could have written a better anti-Kerry caption myself, and I plan to vote for the guy.

Choose from the following:
• Go long. No, wait - short. No! No, go long.
• Hey, Secret Service People, look what I can do!
• I feel like my hero, Jack Lambeau - er Lambert. Damn it, I always get those two confused.
Hey, I didn't say that they'd be funny. Just that they'd be better.


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