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Friday, October 08, 2004

A Society With Secrets 

Nader says he hopes to draw votes from Kerry and Bush
Ralph Nader is calling on President Bush and John Kerry to renounce their ties to a secret Yale society.

Others call it an attempt to divert from the real issues.


Ralph Nader says,"George W. Bush and John Kerry have been members of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones since the 1960's.

Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader is concerned about the impact of President Bush's and Senator Kerry's membership to Yale's Skull and Bones.

Nader says,"You have two major candidates for presidency who are bound by a common oath from this secret society Skull and Bones the public has a right to know to what extent this secrecy this oath of silence extends to their public responsibilities."
Nader is nuts, and there is really nothing to this charge, but it does bring up a point that I have been wanting to touch upon.

I would love it if tonight, somebody would ask both candidates if they would be willing to renounce their allegiances to Skull and Bones and make service to America their first priority. Why? Because I think only one candidate would, and that one candidate is John Kerry. This would have a resounding impact on several voters. The conspiracy fringe is out there, and they are real. What's more; they vote.

We know they are there. Look at the furor over The DaVinci Code. Look at the success of books by David Icke and movies by Oliver Stone and Stanley Kubrick. In fact, my own series of unpublished mystery novels is geared toward these people.

What's more, they are not really as nuts as the media would like us to believe. That's not to say that I think there is an underground secret society manipulating current events and America's elections. But men like Grover Norquist and Karl Rove do stear the media. If John Kerry could have the opportunity to stand next to George Bush and publicly disavow any connections to secret societies while Bush grasps for a rationale not to do the same, the election would be in the bag.


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