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Monday, February 07, 2005


I have been on a roll with this story. I now have only one chapter left to write, and the first draft will be finished. I will then bounce the story off a few friends, and do the final edits. Then the story will be ready for publication.

I'm thinking I will create a unique blog for it like I did for Whattheyshouldhaveknown and the Trimbath Exchange, and I will also write a prolog and an afterward. The afterward will have a place for comments, but the story pages will be comment free. In the forward, I will give background on the origins of the characters and discuss in general terms the plots of the first two novels. In the afterward, I will describe my plans for future tales, and I will have a few people to thank.

The forward will be written in the same fictive reality as the story, however, where the story is written in the first person by a character in the stories, the forward will either be written in the omnicscient narrative format, or it will be in the voice of a friend of the usual narrator. I haven't decided yet. The afterward will just be me making acknowledgements and speaking directly to the reader.

More later.


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