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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

No Time For Blogging 

New relationships are certainly time consuming. But, man-o-man, is it ever worth it! I've been happy this past week for the first time in months.

A note to my ex; sweetie, I still love and miss you, but I'm getting over it. I still don't understand your choice, but I wish you happiness. I'm done torturing myself over you.
I'm happy for you, Mister. I hope things work out for you. Good luck.
Yesterday you couldn't live without your ex. Now you're through with her. A little fikle, aren't you?

What does your new flame think of your eternal love for your ex?
Anonymous asshole, try to follow the thread. I do still love my ex, and my current ladyfriend is still in love with her ex. But together we are geting on with our lives and seeing what will develop. Now try to keep up, dicklicker.
hahaha get em Mister,you need to keep up your reading to understand and comment correctly *dicklicker* LOL

and happy for you also

You claim you love one woman, and are having sex with another.

You have a girlfriend, who still has the hots for her ex.

Sounds like a wonderful relationship to me.

Mister, do you kiss your new girlfriend with that dirty mouth? Yuck.
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