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Saturday, April 30, 2005

And Now The Good News 

I have been putting off posting this because I wanted to make sure it was official. My son is going to graduate high school as one of six valedictorians from my old alma mater. Furthermore, he will be receiving a scholarship for 12 quarters free tuition to Ohio State University and he will also receive a grant paying his room and board.

I am one proud father. He plans to study psychology.

Congratualtory comments only please. Nothing else can even remotely be considered relevent.
Bravo! And congratulations to both you and your son! A Proud accomplishment these days to see one go furthur than high school

I wish him the best success and luck in his future! Wonderful on the scholarship as well!

Thats awesome.

I know your son somewhat via TIF and school, albeit he was a few years behind me.

Congrats to you both.
I've known your son since he hung out with mine. What an honor for him and his family! Congrats! He is spectacular.
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