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Friday, April 08, 2005

What Ever Became of Respect? 

When I finally leave this mortal coil, I want it known that none may come to my funeral unless properly attired. I don't care if you were my best friend, one of my wives, or even the recognized product of my loins. Dress respectfully or stay home. Remember when "Dutch" Reagan died? You know, "the Gipper." Well, I was never a fan of his in life, but I was disgusted with the way some people dressed to go to see him lying in state in the Rotunda. Here is an example:

I'm sure these fine people had no disrespect in mind, but come on. The proper dress for such an ocassion is dark and formal. Not a poly-cotton blend pull-over no matter how patriotic the colors.

And one might think the Europeans would be more sympathetic to this, but Nooo. Not even when the decedant is il Papa, the Pope. Check it out:

Look toward the bottom center of the frame. Bib overalls? Come on! He was the pope, not your old fly-fishin' buddy. And I'm an atheist. You supposedly respected the man's faith.
Jesus wore a robe and sandals. I don't think that the attire is as important as them making the trip to pay respects.
What does it matter?

I surely dont care.

A person could hate my guts but dress nice. A person could love me and wear a golf shirt.
I don't see bibs, it looks like a backpack
I also see backpacks that could be mistaken for bibs,and, once I am gone? I don't care what anyone wears as long as someone at least shows up LOL

Interesting that you use the word "respect" when you treat your commentors here so badly. Maybe you need to understand what "respect" is before you comment on it.
I don't treat my commenters badly. The posters I treat badly ar the fuckheads like you who come her from the other site simply to heap abuse upon me. Suck a cock. This is my site, I can do what I want.
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