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Monday, May 02, 2005

Inherit Tornado Alley 

This is so freaking bogus
Irigonegaray's opponent will be attorney John Calvert, managing director of the Intelligent Design Network, a Kansas organization that argues the Earth was created through intentional design rather than random organism evolution.

The group is one of many that have been formed over the last several years to challenge the validity of evolutionary concepts and seek to open the schoolroom door to ideas that humans and other living creatures are too intricately designed to have come about randomly.

While many call themselves creationists, who believe that God was the ultimate designer of all life, they are stopping short of saying creationism should be taught in schools.

"We're not against evolution," said Calvert. "But there is a lot of evidence that suggests that life is the product of intelligence. I think it is inappropriate for the state to prejudge the question whether we are the product of design or just an occurrence."
Well, that sounds just fine, but what is the scientific theory on which you hang your philosophical hat? It's all well and good to say that there is evidence of intelligent design, but it simply doesn't hold up to SCIENTIFIC scrutiny. And it is SCIENCE CLASS that we are talking about here.

I could say that there is evidence that the sun revolves around the Earth. There is. The same sun appears to come up in the east every morning and to set in the west every night. Simple observational logic tells me that it is following a circular path that takes it in a daily orbit around the planet. But we all know that observation to be false. So to teach it as theory in school is to do a disservice to the students.

We know that evolution occurs. We KNOW it. We don't know all of the particulars of the ins-and-outs about how and why it occurs. That is why it is still considered a theory. However, there is no demonstrable evidence that the universe or any part of it is the product of intelligent design. PERIOD!

Kansas is becoming Oz, and I don't mean the HBO prison show.
Can you prove that creationism is false?

Simple observational logic should tell you that the human body is far too complex to have randomly occured. Even plant's physiology is too complex. If you disagree, create a plant from scratch. Or a sun.
Our bodies perfectly match the enviroment because we evolved in it. Creatures that did not match the enviroment, or a change in enviroment died. Creatures that evolved in a enviroment with say, twice the gravity as that of earth, would be perfectly adapted to such an enviroment.

And simple observation does not tell us that we are too complex to occur randomly. A simple mutation in the genetic code occurs... if it makes the organism more suited to the land it keeps living. If the mutation hurts the animal/species it dies off. We are the product of millions of sucessful mutations.

There are only three sources of evidence supporting creationism.
1) That people look around and refuse to beleive we/nature/etc evolved by randomness. Just because you do not want to beleive something, does not make it less true. This arguement offers no evidence, just a long drawn out arguement that when simplified says "look around... does this look like an accident to you?" Thats no evidence.
2) The Bible... which is a poorly written book written by many many authors and edited by many more. It is so full of fallicies and contridictions that we need not discuss it further. If you dont beleive me... read it from cover to cover. Making people read that book from cover to cover is the best way to promote Atheism.
3) People who do not want to beleive that they are an animal. Sometimes these people will agree with evolution but consider themselves a "special animal." Thats a copout. This arguement is based soley on emotion.
4) People whom claim that since we have not proven every single chain in the evolutionary process that it is false.

All of the people whom promote the above sources need to dig out a science book. I suggest Carl Sagan. Very good reading, and its pretty easy reading as well.

Most of the people I find making these claims are extremely ill informed about how science works. These people want us to constantly say "evolution is only a theory." We recognize that fact. "A theory is an established paradigm that explains all or many of the data we have and offers valid predictions that can be tested. In science, a theory can never be proven true, because we can never assume we know all there is to know. Instead, theories remain standing until they are disproven, at which point they are thrown out altogether or modified to fit the additional data." That planets rotate around the Sun is a theory. Gravity is a theory.

And if you want to take the Bible literally, the earth is the center of the universe and the sun does not produce light (God created light(ist day) before the Sun (4th day)... talk about absurd).
A lot of very intelligent people disagree with you.
Talk about a stupid comment.

1) That doesnt prove anything.

2) " A lot of very intelligent people disagree with you." Can be said right back to you.

3) Evolution is the main scientific theory going right now to explain how we got here. It is the consensus the the scientific community has reached.

I'll take an expert before I take a person who has ill formed arguements and only understands half of the issue... no matter how smart they are.
Why must creationism and evolution be mutually exclusive? Why must "Mr" lump all believers in the same bucket and attribute the exact same beliefs to all of them?

I also think it is a little condesending to state that the bible is full of fallicies, and that if you read it from cover to cover it will make you an atheist.

A person who states that the planets revolving around the sun is only a theory should step back and question their own intelligence. It has been proven mathmatically, optically, and by several other methods.

What qualifications does "Mr" have? Is he (pardon if it is she)A scientist? A professor? Give us your credentials so we can judge your credibility.
Mr. is a carry out clerk. He has no credentials unless it is the price of a six pack.
Yes, but what would JESUS do?
Is that true?
Yes it's true. Jesus is a sissy boy.
No. I mean about Mr being a bag boy.
Mr is asst mgr, not bag boy. If you were a longtime reader of this blog you would know that.

As for my credentials, this is a blog, jerkwad.

You say, "Why must 'Mr' lump all believers in the same bucket and attribute the exact same beliefs to all of them?"

I didn't do that. I know many Christians who acknowledge the plausibility of evolution and even some who work it into their philosophical worldview. That's not the point. The point is that creationism is not valid scientific theory. Ergo, it should not be taught in science class.
Teach it in church or on some badly produced second rate cable network. That's the proper venue.
Don't places like McDonalds and such hire assistant managers right off the street with no qualifications? My cousin got hired and he didn't even have a high school diploma.

I don't think being an assistant manager at a store qualifies someone to be an expert on anti-religion or education. If they were that smart, they'd be something better than an assistant manager at a store.
news on the steret ass. mgr. has been demoted and is now a bag boy again, he is lazy. he has no credsaetials other that he knows the price of kiddy litter the stuff he should put in his mouth.
Mr you ar enot an ast mgr at a major store. You work in a one horse's town general store for a few pennies over Min. Wadge. You credentials are you know the price of kiddy liter, or won't smash the bread when you bag the groceries. You are a total loser and very bitter because you are a lazy jerk thats wants to live off the hard working people in this country.
bitter LITTLE boy.
This is so freaking bogus.
Like you bumbkin.
Fourty plus year old bag boy Oh My God. What a loser.
Perhaps he can get a job at a horse farm. He is pretty good at trowing horse manure around, from what I read here.
I read the portions of his book he posted. He'd better not quit his day job.
First, that's a lie. You didn't read anything, whoever you are. I have site meters on both sites, so I know what ISP you use and the ISP is not one that was used to read the novella.

Second, you are off topic. The only reason I didn't delete the post was so that I could expose your lie.
Just in case you think I'm bluffing, Mr. Anonymous uses Sprintlink for his ISP. He checks this blog fairly frequently (twice today, once on May 19th, etc. and i didn't even post anything in that period) as he is obsessed with me. I think he's in love with me. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

However, there has never been a single hit on the novella from that particular service provider. It is unlikely in the extreme that he uses one service provider to read this blog and another server to read the novella. So he's not only a stalker and a liar, he's a transparent and stupid one.
Your sexual orientation is your own business. Be PROUD you no longer have to hide your true feelings! Although I am not gay, I believe you have the right to love who you choose.
It is not so unusual in todays computer world for someone to access the internet from many places.
So let me see if I've got this straight. You access this site with Sprintlink, see the link to my story, but don't click it, switch to another computer with a different ISP and somehow connect to the story without going back through this site?

Yeah, that's reasonable.

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