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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What a Strange Day 

First Woodward announces that Deep Throat is dying and his obituary is being written, sparking a round of speculation over which suspect is most ill. Then we learn that a Vanity Fair article has a former FBI guy announcing that Deep Throat is he. Then Bernstein makes a public pronouncement that he will not confirm nor deny the claim since he is honor bound to not betray the secret until Deep Throat expires. Then the WaPo announces that yes, the FBI guy is indeed Deep Throat.

Now if you ask me, there is no way this whole revelation wasn't contrived to keep the news junkies hopping all day. The WaPo must have known that Vanity Fair had this story, and thus their initial announcement about the obit was a tease. And Bernstein must have known that the WaPo was going to confirm the guy's id, so his big noble pronouncement was just a ruse.

At any rate, they made it fun. The guy really is going out with a bang this way. And he deserves it. Say what you will about football stars and TV actors, Deep Throat is a true American Hero with a capital H.

I salute you, W. Mark Felt. And this American thanks you for your service.
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