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Monday, October 24, 2005

Failing the Logic Test 

This was in a front page story on the Sunday edition of the "Wheeling News-Register" in Wheeling, West Virginia:
[Bob Ney] also wonders if "politics" isn't the reason the Ethics Committee hasn't yet convened this Congressional term or begun its investigations into some highly publicized cases involving House members.
Ney is among those who believe the investigations are being delayed to coincide with next year's elections and bring negative attention to Republican office holders.
The implication here is that democrats are holding up the Ethics Committee investigations, but do the democrats control both houses of Congress? No, they do not. Clearly, the Republicans control when these committees convene. And this is made abundently clear from this sidebar story attached to the same article:
Belmont County's Democratic leadership isn't yet setting its sights on U.S. Rep. Bob Ney's Congressional seat despite recent publicity surrounding Ney's alleged political dealings.

"You have to believe this will have some effect on next year's elections, but it all depends on the outcome" of the investigations and court cases, said Belmont County Democratic Party Leader James Tekely.
The democrats would like nothing more than to have this issue resolved so that they can plan their strategies for the next election. Ney knows this, and so do the Republicans in Congress. That's why they are delaying the committee. But does Ney say that? No. Instead he hints that the politics being played is being played by democrats, and he plays victim.

Screw you, Captain Freedom-Fries.
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