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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hypocrites for Bush 

Today at the site that won't let me post comments, we find this:
The terrorists, while horrific, are just murderers - and murderers with determination will be able to kill...but they can't actually do anything to affect the course of events unless people allow them to.
These are the same people who criticized Clinton for wanting to prosecute terrorists as criminals rather than declare war. These ar the same people who insisted that 9/11 changed everything, and that the PATRIOT Act was a necessity and that it was further necessary to give up some civil liberties.

Imagine the course of the past four years and how it would have been different if Bush had been a true leader and promoted this kind of philosophy. Heck, I might even have voted to reelect such a leader.

But lest you think that Blogs for Bunnypants has come to their senses and is promoting this idea here in America, think again. This is how they think Iraqis should feel about the glorious new promise of their recently approved voted on though still up-in-the-air Constitution. Well if this thinking is appropriate for Iraq, why wasn't it appropriate for America?
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