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Friday, October 07, 2005


Poll: Groups Unhappy With Bush Performance
Evangelicals, Republican women, Southerners and other critical groups in President Bush's political coalition are worried about the direction the nation is headed and disappointed with his performance, an AP-Ipsos poll found.


Among those most likely to have lost confidence about the nation's direction over the past year are white evangelicals, down 30 percentage points since November, Republican women, down 28 points, Southerners, down 26 points, and suburban men, down 20 points.

Bush's supporters are uneasy about issues such as federal deficits, immigration and his latest nomination for the Supreme Court. Social conservatives are concerned about his choice of Miers, a relatively unknown lawyer who has most recently served as White House counsel.
Not to mention, they aren't sure where she stands on abortion.

I've been telling people for years not to vote for candidates based on the one-issue theme of pro-life. The poor saps who drive around with "I Vote Pro-life" bumper-stickers should really have in fine print underneath, "Because I Am a Gullible Fool."

Of course, there is always the other reason people voted for Bush, because he did such an excellent job in keeping America safe after he allowed 9/11 and got us into an unnecesary war that actually increased the terror threat. Something else the quoted story notes his base is beginning to realize. But let's not quibble.
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