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Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Morning Idiot, Doonsbury It Ain't 

I didn't do a Monday Morning Idiot post last week. Not because there is a shortage of idiocy on the right, but simply because I'm a lazy blogger.

At any rate, this week I'm going to give the distinction to a different right wing idiot. Powerline wins if for this post:
It's Hard to Keep Those Countries Straight

Chris Muir sent us tomorrow's Day By Day cartoon; he's noticed, as we have, that the Democrats can't seem to keep their countries straight; click to enlarge:
I can't show the cartoon, but I will describe it panel for panel. There are three equal sized frames. Each contains the same decently rendered image of the Capitol Dome. The "humor" comes in the word balloons, which aren't technically word balloons but that seems to be the modern trend.

The first frame has what I suppose is supposed to be a democratic congressman challenging, "Can you Republicans look at this map, and show us where there are any Iraqis we've helped?" The Republican responds, "Not on a map of Vietnam, no." Then in the second frame there is nothing but that competent-if-uninspired image of the dome. I think it's supposed to represent some kind of cartooning double-take. Last frame holds the punchline. The democrat again speaks. "Well, they all do kind of look alike," says he. "Yeah, we're getting that," says the conservative.

That's it. That's the cutting wit that is supposed to be the GOP answer to Gary Trudeau. An admission that the right is finally getting it that Vietnam and Iraq are interchangeable in the annals of history. Yet somehow, I think that they think this is an indictment of the left.

In so many ways, I don't get it. But then, obviously, neither do they.
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