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Monday, December 19, 2005

Adding Color To My World 

Yesterday morning at 9 AM I got my second tattoo. After my wife left last year, I decided to explore some new things. One of those things was body art. But I didn't want to just go into a shop and pick something off the wall that somebody else had created. So I designed a tatty for myself. It looks like this:

The ladybug in the center is red, and I chose it because my 7-year-old daughter collects them. It has ten spots because my ex and I were together for ten years. I showed it to her on the anniversay of the day we met. The frame is supposed to look like a beetle in flight, but the bottom is a claddagh. That's the Irish symbol with two hands holding a heart under a crown. Above the lady-bug are the initials RBD intertwined. Those are the initials of my ex, myself and my daughter.

Anyway, after getting this tattoo, I decided that since I was married once before and I have two children from that previous marriage, I should create a tribute to them as well. So I designed this:
It is an anagram of my children's names; ShawnMegan. If you read it from behind viewing it upside-down, it still says ShawnMegan.

I got the idea for it after reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. I also decided to get it in color. This is how it was supposed to look:

It doesn't. Instead of starting out blue and fading through purple to red, it is three seperate colors. Luckily, the purple is fairly light. Next year, I will go to a diferent tattoo artist and have it fixed. None-the-less, it still looks pretty cool.
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