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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Monday Morning Idiot; Fantasy Ticket? 

Once again, the stupidest thoughts on the right come from the fools at Blogs For Bush.
McCain-Lieberman '08?
The headline is funny enough, but wait, it gets better.
It just occured to me yesterday, or maybe the day before. While McCain is about my least favorite Republican and Lieberman is my favorite Democrat, this would make some political sense:
Sure, if your goal is the total dismanteling of the Republican party. But this idiot actually thinks the opposite would be true.
First off, it would just crush anyone else who was running.
It would? Really? A centrist Republican who has alienated the democrat base by kissing Bush's ass and then alienated the GOP by having the balls to oppose torture and a conservative democrat who ran as AL GORE'S running mate? THAT would crush any opposing ticket? Great! do it. And if those two refuse, maybe you can run Colin Powell and Zell Miller.

But why exactly do this? What's in it for the GOP?
by taking the centrist Democrats out of the Democratic voting bloc, it would allow the left to become even more powerful within the Democratic Party and thus ensure that a really far-out, freako-leftist was nominated in 2008.
Umm, huh? Like Lieberman is the balast that has been keeping the democratic party ship from drifting too far to port? Well, it's a theory I guess. But these are the same people who favor intelligent design over evolution, so I guess we can pretty much see how well they understand theory theory.

But even assuming this theory had legs, why do it? Why give over the coveted position of Veep to the enemy?
It is my view that the most important thing in politics right now is to destroy the Democratic Party as an institution
Aha! And apparently this guy actually thinks announcing that plan and then convincing a democrat-who-nobody-likes to assist them in it is somehow brilliant.

Click the link to read the rest. It's hysterical. And the comments are pretty good too.

Hey, I just had a thought. If the Repugs actually run with this ticket, I say we dems nominate a sack of rocks and Jessica Simpson for pres and veep. It doesn't matter which one runs for which. They'd be a shoe-in.
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