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Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday Morning Idiots: All O'y'all! 

I'm not singling out any one right-wing moron this morning. Every single solitary blogger who wrote a post supporting the Commander-in-Chimp when he said the media endangered national security by revealing his illegal wire tapping activity should be issued a fourth grade civics text to study and then tested to see if the school system somehow failed them.

American citizens are spied upon every day in this country in a legal way. Wire taps are routinely issued by the courts, and terrorists know this. If they are then stupid enough to plot a mall-bombing on the phone that's their problem. But it is not legal for the president to circumvent the courts.

For Bush to try to shift the blame to the media for exposing him is the height of arrogance, but it should not be unexpected. But for American citizens to "see his point" when he does is inexcusable.
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