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Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Morning Idiots: Twofer 

Today's installment finds the usual suspect pointing us to another mmber of the idiot brigade.
The Christmas Spirit For The ACLU

Kevin McCullough is upset at how the ACLU has been trying over the years to secularize Christmas. So he has started a campaign to send Christmas Cards (not Holiday or Winter Cards) to the ACLU. His goal is to have 100,000 Christmas Cards flooding the ACLU before December 25. Check out his website for details...
Okay, here are some of the "details."
And while the ACLU's advance seems unstoppable, little has been done to reply to their increasing desire to devour every public institution and re-conform it to an atheistic viewpoint that is every bit as much an expression of religious speech as anything they protest.

And this year, the examples stretch from Massachusetts to Georgia.
So about those two links, the first one is broken and the second one is a link to a story about what a Georgia School system did, and makes no mention of the ACLU whatever.

And the bigger point, the obvious point, is that it makes no difference whatsoever that they are sending the ACLU Christmas cards. It's a pointless exercise. Who in the ACLU is supposed to be annoyed by holiday greetings? And that's all that it is. In fact, he actually makes an ecard available for the lazy reactionaries in his audience. Making it even easier for the ACLU to ignore them.

So, to recap, what we have here is a vindictive effort to spread holiday cheer to an organization that they without cause feel is anti-Christmas. The idiocy and irony never stops with these clowns.
It's even more moronic than that. In one of the "War on Christmas" examples, the ACLU is actually on the side of Christmas, but the wingnuts don't seem to notice.
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