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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Max Cleland part deux 

From Thursday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazete:
Ms. Irey, of Carroll Township, said Mr. Murtha was denying the Marines due process and had put American troops in danger with his remarks.

"John Murtha was a patriot," Ms. Irey said at the Press Club. "...But many years have passed and I say again my opponent has lost his way because the comments and actions of late are not that of a patriot. Rather they serve to aid and comfort our enemies."

"These inflammatory remarks read around the world not only put Americans lives at risk," she said, "but will also be used as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations."
Fuck You, Whore!

Official: Iraq civilian deaths unjustified
Military investigators probing the deaths last November of about two dozen Iraqi civilians have evidence that points toward unprovoked murders by Marines, a senior defense official said Friday.
Would ignoring criminal actions by our troops be the patriotic thing to do? Would allowing the murder of innocents be acceptable collateral damage for you, you ignorant slut?
You would deny these soldiers their day in court? What kind of a sad example of an American are you? Don't you know that a right to a trial is one of country's fundamental premises?

And you call a woman who KNOWS our Constitution much better than you, disgusting names?

You are one sick individual.
I said nothing about denying them their day in court, moron. My beef is with a woman who challenges a patriot like Murtha for even discussing the case because shining light on the allegations supposedly somehow harms the war effort. When we went into Iraq it was - well, it was to find WMD but AFTER that they changed the focus to bringing freedom and ending Hussein's reign of terror. Turning a blind eye to credible allegations that SOME of our own might be performing summery executions on children and unarmed woman is - to me - something we cannot simply ignore for fear that some cunt might politicize it.
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