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Friday, May 26, 2006


Well, the weekend toatals are in for "The DaVinci Code".
Opening Weekend: $77,073,388
(3,735 theaters, $20,635 average)
The film's opening weekend exceeded the opening weekend for "The Chonicles of Narnia", but fell slightly short of the opening weekend for "The Passion of he Christ". However, the total worldwide grosses for Passion of the Christ after 22 weeks in release was $612 million dollars. The DaVinci Code has been out just six days and has already earned just shy of $250 million worldwide.

Most interesting to me is that foreign sales of the Passion are less than the domestic while it is reversed for DaVinci. And in both cases the differences are huge. So apparently in America movies painted as anti-Christian still trump Christian allegory wrapped in pagan symbolism, but in Europe it even trumps violently anti-Semitic Christian death-wish tomes.

Oh to be in Europe now that Enlightenment is here.
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