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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Official 

Bush reviews Iraq plan, says oil is key

President Bush began a two-day strategy session on Iraq at Camp David on Monday, saying Iraq's neighbors should be doing more to help and suggesting the nation's vast supply of oil could be a way of reuniting the country.
Yeah, that's the problem. The Sunnis, Shiia and Kurds have forgotten their common bond. No, not their shared religions, or their shared heritage, or their shared suffering under Hussein. No, the common bond that unites all Iraqis is that we want their oil.

This was also a good line from the story.
Bush said the United States expects countries that have promised $13 billion in financial assistance to make good on their pledges.
Wow! $13 billion! Later...
The House and Senate are poised to deal with a $94.5 billion measure to fund Iraq and provide additional aid for the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast. The bill should receive easy approval, even as impatience is growing with the Iraq war and its $8 billion monthly tab.
So, yeah, unnamed other countries, you better pay for those six weeks worth of war you promised us.
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