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Monday, January 08, 2007

Gimme One Reason To Leave Here 

Sharpton considers running for president
NEW YORK - Civil rights activist Al Sharpton said Monday he is seriously considering a run for president. "I don't hear any reason not to," Sharpton, 52, said in an interview during an urban affairs conference sponsored by another civil rights leader, the Rev. Jesse Jackson
Okay, Al, how's this for a reason?

You're a blowhard idiot and nobody likes you. Your last campaign was a joke, and probably helped Bush win reelection by having aided Kerry in getting the nomination.

Not good enough? Okay, then, try this. The likely candidates for the 2008 primaries on the democratic ticket are Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and a litany of cookie cutter white guys. The white guys will split the majority of the vote leaving Hillary and Barak as the two main contenders. Your candidacy will fracture the black vote enough that it will probably push Hillary further ahead. Not that this would be a bad thing, except that traditionally, the candidate chooses his (or in this case her) running mate from the pool of other candidates for the big job. By pulling votes from Obama, you make it less likely that a black man will get either the nomination itself or even the other position on the ticket.

Don't do it, Al. Don't do it.
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