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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Preachin' to the Choir 

Headline on Yahoo front page. Pope: Catholic colleges should be in line with church

Okay, I agree with that. Absolutely, Catholic colleges should be in line with Catholic teaching. For that matter, Mormon colleges should be in line with Mormon teaching. Jewish colleges should be in line with Jewish teachings. Etc. However, that's exactly why people should not send their kids to religious colleges for scientific based education. That means no doctors, no physicists, no engineers and no researchers.
It's somewhat strange that he is stressing that colleges should be in line with the church's teachings....when the vast majority of Catholics aren't even close to being in line with the church. Or the Bible for that matter.
That's true. In fact, it could be argued that the very reason that the Catholic universities have gotten away from Catholic teaching is so that they can remain competitive. As Notre Dame, for example, becomes more and more like any other stateschool it is only tangentially a Catholic University at all, but that's the very thing that makes it appealing to most people.
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