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Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank the gods we're almost through with this bunch of fukups. The first lady is even out shilling for the legacy tour trying to paint a rosey picture on the embarrassment that was the shoe incident.
First Lady: Shoe 'Assault' Shows Freedom in Iraq
First lady Laura Bush said she was offended by the recent "assault" on her husband, who had two shoes thrown at him during a recent visit to Iraq. At the same time, however, she said the assault shows that Iraqis feel a lot freer than they did before.

"I know that if Saddam Hussein had been there the man wouldn't have been released, and he probably would've been executed," she said of the Iraqi journalist, who was arrested following the Dec. 14 incident and has been in custody since.

So under Hussein, the man who hasn't been released would probably not have been released so this is better?

Also, didn't we go in to stop torture of political prisoners as part of our reasoning?

Shoe thrower 'beaten in custody'
The brother of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at US President George W Bush has said that the reporter has been beaten in custody.

Muntadar al-Zaidi has allegedly suffered a broken arm, broken ribs and internal bleeding, his older brother, Dargham, told the BBC.
Laura Bush is either stupid, a liar, is uninformed or a little of all three.
Take a look at what your "saviors" are doing to this country, yourself, and your children's children.
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